CyboEnergy Releases On/Off-Grid Solar Power SystemDesign Guide

August 12, 2015 — CyboEnergy, Inc. (Rancho Cordova, CA), the developer of the world’s first solar power Mini-Inverter that possesses the key merits of both central inverters and microinverters, announced today that it has released an On/Off-Grid Solar Power System Design Guide. This guide will help customers and installers to design on-grid and on/off-grid renewable energy systems with battery storage to provide backup power when the grid is down. CyboEnergy’s latest innovation, the On/Off-Grid CyboInverter, is the core product that enables this design.

CyboEnergy CEO, Dr. George Cheng said, “Response for the groundbreaking On/Off-Grid CyboInverter has been very positive since the product was released in June 2015. A number of On/Off-Grid CyboInverters have been successfully installed in different countries. Because there are no comparable products on the market, we developed this guide to provide a systematic approach for customers to design and build cost-effective and useful on/off-grid solar power systems.”

As an example, the following diagram shows a 6KW on/off-grid solar power system where three On-Grid CyboInverters and an On/Off-Grid CyboInverter twin pack are used.

Each On-Grid CyboInverter is connected with four 300W solar panels, offering panel-level MPPT to maximize power production. The On/Off-Grid CyboInverter Twin Pack has a Master and Slave Unit working as a group, each of which connects to one 300W solar panel and a set of 36V batteries. When the grid is on, the system can generate up to 4.2KW power to the grid. When the grid is down, all inverters will shutdown immediately based on the UL1741 safety requirements. The On/Off-Grid CyboInverters will then switch to the off-grid mode automatically to run the connected AC loads on the off-grid circuit. Since this is a scalable design, a larger system can be implemented with multiple on/off-grid sub-systems of different sizes. The total on-grid output power from each sub-system can be combined in an electric panel to be sent to the grid. Each sub-system will have its own independent off-grid circuit to power the connected AC loads when the grid is down. This enables a “plug-and-play” installation by using On-Grid and On/Off-Grid CyboInverters.

The CyboEnergy On/Off-Grid Solar Power System Design Guide is in an easy to understand format with graphics, drawings, comparison tables, and highlighted text. It is useful for companies, solar installers, and homeowners that want to build a useful and easy to install on/off-grid solar power system for homes and facilities, especially those where backup power is a necessity but not available, including: nursing homes, clinics, data centers, hotels, stores, etc. The guide can be downloaded from CyboEnergy’s website at To purchase CyboInverters or request an Installation Guide, please contact CyboEnergy or its distributors.

About CyboEnergy and CyboSoft

CyboEnergy is a subsidiary of CyboSoft, focusing on development, manufacturing, marketing, and services of product lines in the renewable energy field. CyboEnergy received the Frost & Sullivan’s 2013 Global Product Differentiation Excellence Award for Solar Inverters. Founded in 1994, CyboSoft is the leader in control technology serving the worldwide process control, building control, and equipment control markets. CyboSoft’s patented Model-Free Adaptive (MFA) control technology for automatically controlling physical processes is a major breakthrough. No other comparable technology possesses all the attributes of MFA.

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